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Once upon a time, there was one Lion


Once upon a time, there was one Lion, angry Lion.


When Lion was 6 he started training tennis. And he really liked that. At the age of 7 he started going to school. When he was 8 he started going on tennis tournaments and he enjoyed hanging out with other children.



At the age of 11 he was really cool child at school. Everybody liked spending time with him, because he was well dressed, he was a leader of his small group. But on the other hand tournaments for Lion became a nightmare. He started being more and more annoyed when he made mistakes, somethimes he would trow a racket or curse himself or a court, he was also mad at his forehand or backhand. He used to lose almost every match. He started being very angry with himself. When he was 12 years old he felt a big anxiety, and had many fears before every match. He was scared of almost every opponent, especially if opponent was younger or if he was aware that he played better than him and he knew that he had to beat him. After each defeat or bad behavior on the court, he was criticized by his mum or dad, sometimes he even got slapped. When his behavior was really bad, or if happened that he throws the racket during the match, he would be punished.


At the age of 14 he didnt like going on tournaments, because he didnt know what to expect there.



First he didnt know who will play against him. Then, if he would start with mistakes he didnt know how to calm down himself. Everyone was telling him to control himself, but he didnt know how. Everyone was telling him to be focused, but he didnt know how. Everyone told him to be nice, he wanted that, but again he didnt know how. He liked tenis, liked hanging out, liked playing, but as the years went by, every time when the coach would say Lion lets play points even on trainigs, his frustration would grow. From time to time he used to cry, because he didnt know how to control his emotions. And he also knew what to expect after every lost match. Mum and dad used to blame him, they were constantly talking about money and time they invested and wasted on him. But they didnt understand him and he had a feeling that no one really could undestand him.


He started feeling guilty and he was full of negative emotions, and he used to be less and less under the control of himself whenever he stepped on the tennis court.


Do you have any Lion in your family, or maybe you are the one?


You should start with mental trainings when these or similar situations begin, usually from the age of 12. There are ways and techniques to keep emotions under control. But you need to learn how to do that. That is training also. Of course there are tools to calm the nervousness, to practice focus and concentration, but that requires exercises and trainings to get mental strength, and of course it takes time. And patience is something that can be learned.


But maybe your Lion now is 15 or 16 years old, maybe 19 or 20. You know what? Its never too late! It will be late when your Lion stops believing completely in himself, when he stops believing that anybody can help him, when his fears are so huge and become anxiety and panic and he loses all his power to fight. But, if there is a shred of hope, faith and willingness, make an appointment, and have your introduction interview right away.


Because Lion can really be a scary, combative, brave, calm and focused lion when he goes out on the court!!!



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