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The importance of match analysis


            We all know how significant mental preparation is before the match,  but part of mental preparation is also analysis of previous matches and analysis of our own weaknesses and strengths as well as opponents.
            It often happens in one country or region that you play against same players a couple times. If you have already done the analysis of the previous match which you played against that opponent, than you are well prepared mentally, technically and also tactically for upcoming match.


What is the best time for match analysis?


            The right time to do the analysis is after you finish the match. After winning if you play another match in same day, you should do the analysis as soon as possible, so you can immediately start your preparation for the next match. In the following way, players will get rid of all negative thoughts, feelings, ideas and impressions, they will also stop criticizing themselves because of mistakes and missed opportunities. Afterwards they will be completely ready to focus on the next match. If after winning, your next match is tomorrow or day or two after, do the analysis in the same day. If you are defeated, then the best time for analysis is  the day after or in the same day if the player is not upset and agitated. If  you feel nervous, sad and furious, there might be a possibility that you become too critical and in that moment you wont be able to do the analysis properly.

  What does the analysis consist of?


            Analysis of the match contains important aspects from all fields: technical and tactical, physical and mental preparation. It is always done in written form. You should analyze your feelings and thoughts before, during and after the match, also your own weaknesses and strengths as well as opponents. Part of the analysis is also valuating your goals and tasks. After the analysis is done, you will get overall picture of played match. It is very important that players do analysis on their own, unaccompanied by others. Coaches should also do the analysis of their work, but it is very significant and crucial that they are aware of their players thoughts and feelings. If you have possibility it would be useful if someone from your team can do statistical analysis during the match.
            It often happens that players experience the match in one way, and the coaches and parents in another way. Everybody observes things in their own way and has different points of view. And that is totally ok! But keep in your mind that the player is the only one who will play against the same rival. Player should come to the conclusion using his own analysis, and should realize solitary which are the good sides of his game, and which are not. Naturally with coachs help in that way, player will easily accept changes which are necessary for improvement of the game.

Which are the benefits that you can get from analysis of the match?


            There are many useful things that you can get from it. In this case, we will observe the things from players point of view and furthermore discuss which benefits can be obtained.
            One of the main reasons why we use this technique is that the player learns how to analyze things. Analysis includes examination of advantages in all fields (technical, tactical, physical and mental conditions), disadvantages that have to be improved and also the analysis of opponents strengths and weaknesses. Using this method, the players will learn how to analyze these things during the match. The player who knows how to recognize, analyze and use opportunities during the match, will certainly win the match.
            The second reason is that the player becomes conscious of himself not being perfect in everything and aware of the fact that he has to be dedicated on every training, day by day improving his game. From these aspects head coach will realize players way of thinking and he will be able to help him how to become better player. It often occurs that the others notice players weaknesses during the match, but these weaknesses arent seen by player himself. Thereupon these things, it usually happens that player and coach, also parents, have different points of view and opinions. That is the main reason why player often doesnt listen to his coach and doesnt put enough effort, just because he simply doesnt recognize the necessity for improvement of particular things in his game. As results of this relation between coach and player and their work on the court, we will get  the player who is passive, will-less, nervous and stressed. Straightly with the analysis, player will be able to understand better and come to the conclusion easily.  When the player realizes that he has to work on something, he will give his best to improve it. Analysis will definitely help.
            With the match analysis , player will get the impression of his opponents game, his strengths and weaknesses and that will help him get ready for another match with the same rival. Normally the opponent will do the same analysis as well and meanwhile his game will probably get better, but some of his weaknesses will still remain. The point is that the player uses his opportunities and wins the match.
As we have already mentioned the analysis should be done in written form, because later it will be regular part of the preparation for the next match.
            Player should analyze goals and tasks which have been already set before the match. The whole team will be able to redefine and set up new goals. Player writes his weaknesses and imperfections in all areas. After that, coaches (main coach, strength and conditioning coach and mental coach) analyze those information, and automatically  get clear picture which particular things can be improved.
            The feelings that follow player before, during and after the match are good indication how player entered the game, was he nervous or mentally strong, with positive or negative attitudeUsing these information mental coach does  the analysis of his work and also preparation for the future sessions. Working with mental coach will help player start every match stronger, more positive, with more self confidence and completely ready. He will as well learn new techniques how to eliminate nervousness and anxiety, how to stop negative thoughts and negative self-talk during the match and also how to leave the mistake behind and refocus on the next point and etc.
            Regarding the fact that tennis like every other sport includes technical, tactical, physical and mental preparation it is highly recommended that every player beside head coach and conditioning coach also has his own mental coach. In most cases, the mental preparation is something that players usually do not pay attention to, or have mental sessions for a short time forgetting that mental preparation has to be  regular part of training. Mental training takes 25% of total players condition. I hope you will agree with me that sitting on the chair with three legs which should normally have four its not completely safe. It can easily happen that you fall in the exact moment when you are supposed to stand firmly on your own feet.
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