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Im leading 5-1! What now?


Many junior players on their path of improvement have obstacles which must eliminate if they want to come to the champions position. Very good game on the training, but partial or complete blockage on tournament is usual situation with players of all levels. Sometimes that blockage lasts during whole match, sometimes it happens just before some critical points.


Often, only recreational players consider that critical points are on deuce, advantages, break, set or match points. On the other hand, professional players know that every point is important, but in the past they also had their own critical points like 30:30, 40:40, 3-0, as well as beginning of the second set after winning the first one and the result of 5-1 could be critical for some of them. These points are spots where they must be careful, because these moments can be decisive for them to win that game or set, and in the same time they move the pressure from them to their opponents. But if they lose these points or game they can be in danger, because in these moments opponent can spread their wings, be psychologically dominant, turn the result in his advantage and win the match.


Almost every player during his tennis career had critical situation on this result 5-1 but he wasnt conscious whats going on on the court until 5-5. Opponent is winning game after game and in most cases on the result 5-5 panic begins and thoughts like You had him on 5-1! How could you let him overtake you? What are you doing? How could you let that!? Look, you will lose this. Here begins self-criticism and self-condemnations and losing the match can become easily reality. If you are mentally strong you will manage to get away from that situation and win the set with the result 7-6, but in most cases set is finished with defeat

5-7. The main reasons for defeat are nervousness because of the current result, staying in the past, self-criticism, inability to accept the current situation and dealing with that. How can you prevent this situation? Is it possible to react earlier and finish set or match with the result 6-1?



On tennis mental trainings they deal with and face these critical situations through visualizations. In that way, they get rid of pressure before and during those points and become able to find solution how to get out of these situations like a winner.


Unfotunately, many players without help of mental tennis coach never succeed in dealing with anxiety, too big fears and jitters, pressure before the match and before critical points during the match. As a result they show panic, fear, negativity, nervousness, arms and legs stiffness, anger and bad game without motivation. These are the main reasons why tennis players decide to stop with tennis trainings.


Breathing is technique which is usually forgotten, but it is more useful than some others techniques and bring wonderful results. It can be useful in getting rid of fear, pressure and nervousness. For better concentration between points and how to be in present moment you should focus on your own breathing. Be fully concentrated on inhaling, exhaling, and again inhaling, exhaling. That way you will decrease your tension, jitters and help you be in present. This breathing technique can also help you forget faster last bad point or help you come back in the game after unwinding because of very well played point.


Its very important to speak positively to yourself, always, even if you lose.


With mental cleaning techniques you will get rid of anxiety and fear before critical points which you got from past experience. With different types of visualizations we create desired states and future.


On your way of improvement, its very important to build champions attitude, to face problems, and also getting rid of them is necessary step. Often players arent capable of dealing with these obstacles and that becomes task and job for tennis mental coach. Make your dreams come true! Get rid of blockages! Become champion!



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